6 Foods And Drinks That Can Lead To Death

6 Foods And Drinks That Can Lead To Death – Food And Drink That Can Cause Death – Eating and drinking is a mandatory requirement that must be met every day in order to survive. By eating and drinking we will get the energy to perform activities as well as to survive, without eating and drinking the body will become weak, and the body cells will die so that it can cause death.

To consume food and drink we also can not arbitrarily, not all foods are good for our bodies. Many foods that contain harmful toxins, not only that, many foods that can be bad if consumed by people suffering from certain diseases.

Well friends talk about food or drink, without we realize there are some foods that if consumed excess can lead to death, and this is experienced by many people around us. The following foods and drinks that can lead to death.

1. Alcoholic Beverages

The first drink list that can lead to death is an alcoholic beverage. There have been so many incidents of people died of alcoholic drinks overdose. Alcoholic beverages are very dangerous for health, therefore many also prohibit the drink. Even in Islamic law, alcoholic beverages are forbidden because of their unbelievably bad effects. Well, for those of you who are addicted to alcoholic beverages you should stop, because alcohol addiction will cause you to keep wanting to drink until finally over dose.

2. Cigarettes

Similar to alcohol, cigarettes are also very harmful to the health of the body. It is written clearly on every pack of cigarettes. Smoking habits are certainly very dangerous and can cause death.

3. Coffee

Coffee is a regular drink we drink in the morning, coffee in addition to make our eyes literate also makes us become more excited. But you need to know if the coffee comes in a drink that can lead to death. Drinking coffee can lead to death because high doses of caffeine in the coffee that goes in our bodies can result in berbagaya. Then how much coffee can be harmful to the body? Coffee can be harmful to the body if consumed as much as 100 cups within 7 days. On the contrary, coffee has many benefits if consumed a cup in a day.

4. Salt and sugar

The next food that can cause death is consuming too much salt or sugar. Consuming too much salt can cause some serious illnesses such as high blood pressure to heart attacks that can cause sudden death, no less evil with salt, sugar also gives harmful effects if consumed too much. For that limit eat too salty or sweet foods every day.

5. Chocolate

Who does not like chocolate, of course everyone is with brown. But you should know, if chocolate is also one of the foods that can cause death if consumed too much. Consuming too much chocolate can cause complications such as internal bleeding, epilepsy, diarrhea, nausea, and death. For that, start from now to reduce the consumption of chocolate.

6. Apple

Maybe you are wondering why apples are on the list of foods that can lead to death, is not apples very good for health? Yes it is true, apples are very good for health if consumed in the right dosage. Conversely, if the apple is consumed in excess can be bad. Apples contain cyanide.

Thus information about 6 Foods and Beverages That Can Lead to Death. Hopefully the above information useful. Thanks.

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