Beware Stroke Symptoms Often Ignored

Beware Stroke Symptoms Often Overlooked – Stroke is one of the most frightening diseases. This is because a stroke will make a person paralyzed and unable to move his limbs as usual. Stroke itself is a disease that occurs because the blood supply to the brain is cut off due to blockage or rupture of blood vessels resulting in the death of cells in the brain. Strok needs serious handling.

Stroke disease can affect anyone both men and women, even stroke can come suddenly unexpectedly. People who look healthy and well, can be directly affected by stroke. And stroke requires serious handling.

Well friend, of course you do not want to suddenly stroke. For that you must be obliged to maintain your health by diligently doing rag and healthy lifestyle. In addition you should also recognize the signs or gejela stroke, because the symptoms of stroke is often not realized and ignored. Here are the Symptoms of Stroke Often Ignored.

1. Numb

The most common and often overlooked symptom of stroke is numbness. This often happens to women. Numbness occurs suddenly on certain body parts such as face, arms, legs and usually occurs on one side of the body only. If you experience such a thing, go to the doctor immediately before anything bad happens.

2. Loss of balance

The second sign is loss of balance. Losing balance is also a symptom of stroke that most often occurs but is often considered trivial. Loss of balance is caused by dizziness and suddenly difficult to walk.

3. Headache and dizziness

Headaches and dizziness is a symptom of many diseases one of them is stroke. What distinguishes headaches from common illnesses and strokes is the headache symptoms of strokes that are headaches that come suddenly and feel very sick until unbearable.

4. Impaired vision

Visual impairment is also a symptom of stroke. If you feel the view is blurred, and it is not obvious as usual, you should be alert and better go to the doctor immediately, it could be because of the symptoms of a stroke.

5. Suddenly confused

The last symptom of a stroke that is often ignored is suddenly confused and difficult to talk. Confused with the surrounding conditions.

Thus information about the Symptoms of Stroke Often Ignored. Stroke is a serious disease that must be dealt with quickly and seriously. A little too late can be fatal. For that immediately go to the doctor if you feel the symptoms of a stroke. Hopefully the above information useful. Thanks.

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