Food Body Odor Remover

Food Body Odor Remover
Food Body Odor Remover

Food Body Odor Remover – When we move, our bodies will sweat. Sweat that comes out from within our body is what is a natural process of sweat glands that are arranged naturally to remove toxins and wastes from the body. So it is very reasonable if someone sweats while on the move.

However, what if the sweat is too much or excessive? Of course this will cause odor on our body is not it? Indeed it will cause odor. But we need to know, the odor can depend on our daily lifestyle, namely in maintaining cleanliness (environment and body) and food consumed.

Yes, be smart in having food. Therefore, there are types of foods that can cause bad body odor, and there are also foods that can minimize body odor. Well, for those of you who are confused how to minimize or eliminate body odor, here are some foods deodorizing body:

1. Orange

Oranges contain citric acid which can help reduce the prosperity of sweat. So that the body will feel fresh after consuming oranges. You can consume them in various ways. Whether directly or juice.
2. Lemons

Lemon is also the same as oranges have abundant vitamin C content that can help control the sweat. But in addition, lemons can also help remove substances that cause body odor.

3. Apple vinegar

To eliminate body odor, you can also take advantage of apple vinegar. This apple vinegar is able to kill various types of microbes that can cause the smell of body odor. By consuming apple vinegar, body odor will be more properly minimized.

4. Apple

Like apple vinegar, apple is one of the fruits that contain antioxidant substances that can help remove toxins from the body and reduce sweat and bacteria that cause body odor not as sedapt.
5. Celery

Celery is not only used as a mixture of cuisine, it will also be utilized as a natural remedy for body odor remover. The content of certain enzymes in it can help eliminate body ash, Celery will also help remove certain pheromones that can attract the opposite sex.
6. Rosemary

This spice is very beneficial for health. The content in it can help cleanse the blood and toxins. So the sweat that comes out of the body is not too cause odor. Because, the smell has been minimized by the content of rosemary.
7. Ginger

Ginger is already believed in its contents. Many have used ginger as a natural remedy. Ginger can also help to refresh the body and detoxify the body from toxins. But in addition, it turns out ginger can also help reduce body odor on the body sweat out.

Such is information on Body Odor Removal. Hopefully the above information useful. Thanks.

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