Physical Signs Andari Andari suffering from depression

Physical Signs Andari Andari suffering from depression
Physical Signs Andari Andari suffering from depression

Physical signs you are depressed – Have you ever felt that you yourself were confused and no longer strong enough to face a problem in your life? Whether it’s a domestic problem, myself, as well as problems in your work. If so, then that is one of the signs that you are stressed and depressed.

Speaking of depression, disorders actually thought this one can be caused by many things. And the most common is due to problems in life that are too heavy and did not feel strong to face it again. When you feel yourself no longer capable, then your thinking would be chaos, not calm, confusion, panic, stress, and all of them into one. As a result of this occurrence, many people feel desperate and even some who chose to end his life. Let’s hope we do not like it.

So, what exactly the signs that we’re dealing with depression? Sometimes we are confused whether we are being depressed or not. You can see the markings on your physical. Here are some physical signs you are depressed:

1. Your weight is not stable

When you are depressed, usually occurring chemical compounds imbalance in your brain. This can cause your appetite becomes unstable. So that your weight to be down drastically. If you experience drastic weight loss or unstable, then it’s a sign that you’re depressed.
2. Fatigue outstanding

Depression can also cause tiredness and fatigue outstanding on the body and mind. If you experience or feel tremendous fatigue after waking up from your bed, then it could be a sign that you are depressed.
3. Low back pain

Back pain you experience does not mean that the disease that occurs in general. It could be your pung pain caused by your mind confused and depressed. When you feel depressed, your back muscles will tighten and tense. Causing pain. Have you ever been experienced?
4. Neck stiffness

When your neck is stiff and not as usual, this possibility is a sign that you’re depressed. Many depressed people experience stiffness in the neck. Neck rigidity occurs because of the contraction of muscles and can also be a side effect of anti-depressants.
5. The skin has an allergic

Have you been having trouble spotting the red, skin inflammation and itching? It also can be a symptom of physical person who is experiencing depression. If you have trouble spotting the red, skin inflammation, itching, and so on, it is likely that a sign you’re depressed.
6. Indigestion

Various stomach problems that occur are usually caused by indigestion. And digestive problems can also be caused due to depression. Stomach problems such as constipation and bowel obstruction that you feel could be caused by a hormone imbalance that is triggered by a depression that you experienced.
7. Cavities

Cavities is generally caused due to sparse toothbrush, eating indiscriminate or excessive sweet, rarely check the teeth, and less maintenance. However cavities could also be caused by depression that you experienced. People with depression can also cause him to experience toothache such as cavities and dental caries.

Thus information about the signs of Your Physical Experiencing Depression. May the above information helpful. Thanks.

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