Symptoms of Diabetes Often Ignored, Beware

Symptoms of Diabetes Often Ignored, Beware – Symptoms of Diabetes Frequently Ignored – Diabetes or diabetes is one of the deadly diseases that can kill anyone. This disease is invisible and often not perceived, so diabetes is often referred to as a “silent killing” disease to kill secretly. This is because unconscious and unpredictable symptoms can have a deadly effect.

Diabetes is often known as a disease that affects only parents. But you as a youth also remain vigilant. Unhealthy lifestyles and the high amount of foods that contain chemicals and high levels of sugar will make anyone at risk of diabetes. The severity of many people who are unaware and underestimate the symptoms of diabetes.

Well friends, before things get worse, when we experience diabetes symptoms, we are obliged to perform examination and treatment. Then what are the symptoms of diabetes? Here are the Symptoms of Diabetes Often Ignored.

1. Easy hunger and thirst

The first and often overlooked symptoms of diabetes are easily hungry and thirsty. The body is easily hungry due to unbalanced insulin levels. Insulin itself serves to remove glucose from the food into the body cells which are then converted into energy. In addition to easily hungry the body is also easily thirsty. This is because diabetes increases blood sugar levels and inhibits kidney receiving glucose, consequently the body will continue to release urine.

2. Frequent urination

The next symptom is the body often remove urine or urinate. As mentioned earlier, diabetes causes blood sugar levels to increase and inhibit the kidneys from receiving glucose, as the body will often urinate or urinate.

3. Body weight drops

Although the body feels often hungry eat trus, but the body even thinner and weight decreased derastis, be careful this could be one of the symptoms of diabetes. This is because prankreas stop working, so the body looking for other ways to break down glucose is to break the fat in the body and make the body lose a lot of weight.

4. Often feel nausea and vomiting

The next symptoms of diabetes are often feel nausea and vomiting. Nausea and vomiting are indeed symptoms of many diseases, and are usually considered trivial. However you should remain vigilant because nausea and vomiting is also one of the symptoms of diabetes. This happens because the body without insulin will suck the fat that causes the increase of ketones in the body. When most ketones the body will nausea and vomit.

5. Numb

Diabetes also causes the body to numb, especially the legs. This is because high sugar levels will cause nerve damage to the body system, consequently the body part will experience numbness, usually occurs in the legs. If you feel this is a good idea immediately see a doctor.

Thus information about Symptoms of Diabetes Often Ignored. Never underestimate the above symptoms, because it can be fatal. Hopefully the above information useful. Thanks.

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